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学院澳大拉西亚 is a unique education group with a wide range of operations offering English language, 高中, 新加坡 Government School Preparatory, 证书, 文凭, advanced 文凭 and higher education courses.

With 学院澳大拉西亚 Institute (AAI) and Language Links International (LLI) offering English and academic pathway programs to Murdoch University, you will have the ability to apply for a Packaged Letter of Offer with Murdoch University.


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If you want to improve your English language skills to meet Murdoch’s English entry requirements, Language Links offers a variety of options.

Language Links International is a fully accredited Registered Training Organisation offering a range of quality, 全国认可的课程, 包括:

  • 一般的英语
  • 雅思考试准备课程
  • 剑桥大学外语考试部
  • TESOL课程
  • customised short courses (including corporate training and private tuition).

You will receive personalised attention to achieve your individual study goals with the guidance of friendly and qualified staff. Language Links is located in central 珀斯 with an excellent range of on-campus 设施, 包括免费上网和WIFI, student kitchen, study labs, common rooms and leisure areas.

Language Links CRICOS Provider Number: 02139J RTO Code: 50587



在珀斯, 学院澳大拉西亚 Institute (AAI) offers a range of 文凭 and advanced 文凭 courses that provide a pathway with advanced standing/credit to select Murdoch University bachelor degrees.

You could choose to study in one of the following areas:

  • 领导和管理
  • 营销和沟通
  • 项目管理.

了解更多关于你的 信贷资格 available with 学院澳大拉西亚 Institute.

学院澳大拉西亚 Institute CRICOS Provider Number: 02398A RTO Code: 90806


Ready to start your university journey? Visit 学院澳大拉西亚 Institute’s website to learn more.