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A Specialised Semester Certificate is an opportunity for you to gain recognition and experience in a specialised study area offered by Murdoch University. The certificate is awarded to you once you have successfully completed at least three units from one of the listed specialisations.

A standard full-time study load is four units per semester, so you still have flexibility to include units outside of the specialisation to either complement or differentiate your semester abroad.


The Specialised Semester Certificate supports your 研究 Abroad experience and is an excellent way to demonstrate your skills and expertise in a particular study area. It is also a good incentive to focus on achieving good grades throughout the semester.

You will be rewarded with a certificate which recognises your commitment to specialist academic areas and enhances your employability.

Find out what specialisations you can choose from by downloading our booklet.


Like the regular 研究 Abroad program at Murdoch University, the tuition fees are based on a full-time study load of between 9 and 12 Murdoch Credit Points.

The 2020 研究 Abroad tuition fee is $6,900 regardless of whether you study 3 units (9 Murdoch Credit Points) or 4 units (12 Murdoch Credit Points). Please note some unit exclusions apply.


As a 2019 留学交流 student at Murdoch, you can only study specific 兽医科学 units. You will need to meet the prerequisites for admittance to these units.

VET272 比较哺乳动物生物化学学期1
VET380 Veterinary Nutrition and Animal Toxicology学期1
VET211 Principles of Infectious Disease I – Veterinary Microbiology学期2
VET278 Principles of Infectious Disease II – Veterinary Parasitology学期2

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