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We partner with businesses and 社区 organisations to provide suitable placements which meet the academic needs of the students. 业务es then work with the students to offer an agreed workplace experience and suitable supervision.

Student work placements are essentially an extended period spent in the work environment of a host organisation working on a structured program with suitable workplace supervision. 学生 work towards academic credit for their course and, to meet the requirements of a 职业位置是无薪.

Depending on the discipline, student work placements may also be referred to as:

  • 实习
  • 一些实习课程
  • 或临床植入.

Suitable organisations can enter into a workplace business agreement with Murdoch University which specifies the terms and conditions of the student work placement. The agreement explains the insurance cover for the student under our insurance policies. The conditions of the agreement are usually arranged for a three-year period. There is no obligation to offer placements during this period.

学生 participate in student work placements by enrolling in a suitable unit and applying for a specific placement.